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USE THE BLUES du 26 decembre 2016 USE THE BLUES

EMISSION SPECIAL TOUR DU MONDE : UK London, France Lille Paris, Helsinki, Belgium, Usa San Fransisco, Osaka Japan

  • 1 Walkin’ Out The Door by Starlite Campbell Band
  • 2 Blueberry Pie by Starlite Campbell Band
  • 3 Hang on tight by U Man Slide
  • 4 A slide in my hand by U Man Slide
  • 5 Could You Love Me by Little Willie mehto
  • 6 Jungle Baby by Little Willie mehto
  • 7 Blues with a feeling by Nacomi and The Blues Temple
  • 8 a slow thinker by Nacomi and The Blues Temple
  • 9 In My Father’s House by Eric Bibb
  • 10 Live by Kyle Jester
  • 11 Live by Big Dave
  • 12 Live by Gogo Chicago Blues night

Starlite Campbell Band

Angleterre, Londres

preview du nouvel album en 2017

U Man Slide


Little Willie Mehto


Nacomi and the blues temple


Nacomi sings Little Walter
"A high spirited tribute to a great blues icon"
(by Billy Branch.)

"Nacomi proves to the world that Little Walter’s music is without borders
as she wonderfully demonstrates the universal appeal of this sacred music !"
(by Bob Corritore)

"Little Walter would be proud of Nacomi Tanaka’s tribute, I love it !!"
(by John Nemeth. )

"Nacomi Tanaka is an artist with a vision with a deep respect and love for her musical passion, the blues. On her latest recording "Nacomi Tanaka Sings Little Walter"that love and passion comes through. She manages to honor the tradition of musical genius and giant Little Walter -while still injecting her own artistry. This recording is a winner - the band is smoking and we have eleven gems. My current favorite is "One More Chance With You" but I enjoy them all. You can’t go wrong with Ms. Tanaka’s latest release - I am proud to include "Nacomi Tanaka Sings Little Walter" in my collection. I found this release thoroughly enjoyable with some new twists on some old favorites."
(by Bobby Murray)

Kyle Jester

USA San Fransisco

Kyle Jester @ Blues Devils Arras 2014

Big Dave


Big Dave @ Blues Devils Arras 2014 (Kyle Jester Show)

Gogo Goda

Gogo Goda @ Chicago Rock - OSAKA JAPON
Enregistré en decembre 2016

Prochaine Emission le 23 JANVIER 2017

BONNES Fêtes à tous !

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